Questions and Answers

What is whistleblowing?

Our whistleblowing hotline has been established to allow reports related to any issues related to misconduct, violation of compliance rules and code of conduct, corruption, fraud, harassment, embezzlement, theft, health & safety violations, cover-ups and nepotism to be directed to our governing body.

Who may use the hotline?

The hotline can be used by our overall stakeholder.

What will happen to the report?

The Governing Body will review the report, and any indication of misconduct will be addressed by implementing necessary actions.

Will I really remain anonymous?

Yes. The rules of confidentiality are strictly enforced. Your complete identity must be given to us so that your report can be processed further, but confidentiality will be strictly maintained. We will not inform your identity to Pelindo Bersih except with your permission.

How do you retain my personal data?

Your data will be deleted in the following cases:
  • Upon request from Canary’s client
  • At the end of the contract between Canary operator and our client
  • Upon request of whistleblower in case whistleblower has provided his/her personal data

Is there any reward for whistleblower?

No. There is no reward for reporting any issue.

May I follow up on my report?

Yes. The whistleblower has the privilege to create an account and add additional information whenever available. The whistleblower can communicate with the whistleblowing team through this interface.