Reporting Mechanism

Submit a report in any one of the following six ways:

1. Web form Online

The report can be submitted online through this link “Report a case“. The link is located on the center side of the page, or you can click here to access the page.

2. SMS and WhatsApp

The whistleblower can submit a case via SMS or WhatsApp to +62 811 933 2345. Submit report through SMS or WhatsApp will be processed with below requirements:

  • Details of the case
  • When and where did the case occur
  • Evidence related to the case (document, photo, audio, video, etc)

Note: The whistleblower’s phone number will not be revealed to the committee of Pelindo Bersih without the whistleblower’s consent.

3. Telephone

Report any misconduct via phone number:

+62 21 2782 2345

The hotline is available from 08.00-17.00 (Monday to Friday). The hotline is closed on national public holidays. However, voicemail services are available for reports submitted outside the aforementioned working hours.

The whistleblower will be connected to Pelindo Bersih’s operator, who will ask some questions related the suspected misconduct.

4. Fax

Fax service is available for reporting a case.

+62 21 2782 3456

Please use the template form. (Download the template form here)

5. Email

Pelindo Bersih provides an email address. Thus, the whistleblower can provide more information related to the actions reported through this email address: (Download the template form here)

Note: To keep the whistleblower’s identity confidential, we recommend using a personal email (not a work or official email) in the submitted report.

6. Mail

The whistleblower can report a case through the PO BOX address:

Pelindo Bersih

PO Box 1074

JKS 12010

Please use the template form. (Download template form here)

What will happen after we received the whistleblower’s report?

PT Integrity Indonesia’s analyst will review the information from the whistleblower. The analyst will then make a written report to IPC Bersih’s Committee. Next, IPC Bersih’s committee will take action if deemed necessary.